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ipTrack: The In-Patient Tracker

21 January 2024

ipTrack - In Patient Tracker ipTrack is a patient-to-bed tracking application built for a Role 3 Army Field Hospital. It allows all users within a field hospital to see what ward and bed number each in-patient is in, notify service sections of requested services, manifest patients for evacuation, and provide a meal preparation plan for the patients within the hospital.

ipTrack was built to fill a capability gap not addressed by the Army's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems. It is a functional database and application, but was built more as a proof of concept of what needs to be incorporated into a more robust EMR application. See More...

AIMS 3.0 Released

08 January 2024
Automated Inventory Management System

The Automated Inventory Management System is an Access Database that helps you manage your shops assets and the paperwork that goes along with it on the company supply/ shop level. It is capable of producing DA2062s, DD1750s, LPRs, paperwork needed for turning in equipment and laterally transfering it, paperwork for managing hard drives, and much more! More importantly, all information for the forms come from the same source, so no more redundant paper work (e.g. I signed out equipment, now I have to annotate it as a shortage, update my 1750, my equipment tracker, etc.). Make your job a little easier. Get out of the paper shuffle and back to concentrating on the mission.

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AIMS Beta 2 Finally Released!

24 June 2013

It's been a couple months since my last major post of anything, but  I have a good excuse reason. I spent a good month or so studying and achieving the CISSP and the rest of the time working on the latest release of AIMS. Seriously took me about 2 weeks to figure out why lateral transfers and turn ins were taking so long to process (ended up being a primary key issue that took about 5 seconds to correct; figures). 

So, yes, there are some minor schema changes to the database. And using the new frontend with the old backend won't work. But don't worry, there is a script that will upgrade the old Beta 1 database to the new Beta 2 without loosing any of the old information for both the Standalone and Enterprise editions.

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