It's been a couple months since my last major post of anything, but  I have a good excuse reason. I spent a good month or so studying and achieving the CISSP and the rest of the time working on the latest release of AIMS. Seriously took me about 2 weeks to figure out why lateral transfers and turn ins were taking so long to process (ended up being a primary key issue that took about 5 seconds to correct; figures). 

So, yes, there are some minor schema changes to the database. And using the new frontend with the old backend won't work. But don't worry, there is a script that will upgrade the old Beta 1 database to the new Beta 2 without loosing any of the old information for both the Standalone and Enterprise editions.

  • Sub hand receipts can now be made by box, package, location or the traditional individual item!
  • New tabbed menus!
  • LPRs are fully managed. View old LPRs, receive equipment and fully integrate the received equipment into the main inventory . Also print out a distribution sheet to help pack the new equipment.
  • History logs for items now works!
  • Faster response time for the turn in and lateral transfer preparation.
  • Integrated more 'Big Army' property codes, to include CIIC, PBIC, SubLINs, CAGE codes and a couple more!
  • New reports and better inventory reports!
  • Convert a sub hand receipt to a lateral transfer automagically!
  • Create hand receipts faster! No more clearing filters on select; less mouse clicks!
  • And a little bit more!

BUT, there is some bad news. I submitted this working management system/proof of concept to the Army's SMART project (the new Army Suggestion Program) and it was not recommended for adoption. Here's what was returned to me:

"This new functionality/capability is not currently in scope of PBUSE which is scheduled to begin phase-out or sunset in FY15 and be replaced by FY17.  "

"While some of this capability is in scope for GCSS-Army not all is.  "

"Additionally some activities mentioned are not authorized under existing supply policy; activities such as unit turn-in of stock numbered items to DRMO, that materiel should have been turned in to your supporting SSA for proper disposition."

So, in other words, Big Army isn't going to support this software anytime soon because it thinks PBUSE has all of it's capabilities. So that is why AIMS Beta 2's slogan will be  "Can PBUSE do this?". That's sort of a real question. I don't use PBUSE and never have, so I really don't know too much about it's capabilities. Usually nobody but the supply guy has access to PBUSE, and that doesn't work out very well at my level. So please, let me know your thoughts on AIMS, PBUSE, in general, comparatively or just answer the question in the comments. Can PBUSE do this?

To download your copy, check out the AIMS Database page