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GSLaPS- Generic Site Logon Powershell Script

08 February 2013

Once upon a time I created a logon script that allowed the user to choose the building and the office within that building, and based on the selection, it would map network drives, map printers, copy files, update registry settings, set favorites and homepages to a value specified for the office. The logon script wasn't actually a single logon script; it was actually about 15 different files. Some of them were HTA (which gave the user a drop down with their choices) others were VBS (which filtered who it would run for and actually executed the mappings). The problem was with all this is if something changed, it would usually require an update of 3 or 4 files and it wasn't an easy maintainance task to be passed down to just any random nugg. 

Well, about a week ago I dove head first into powershell and decided that I could remake my HTA based script through powershell. And I could do it in only 2 (or 3) easy to manage files.  I call it GSLaPS, or the Generic Site Logon Powershell Script. I don't know what the 'a' stands for, make something up.

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Logon Scripting 101

17 November 2012
Download the logon scripting class
Download the class here

A logon script is a script that runs as soon as a user logs on to their computer. You can use it for a wide variety of tasks, but I primarily use it to map the user's networked drives, printers, and a couple other tasks to keep the user from asking their help desk tech to do it for them. Logon scripts can get fairly elaborate depending on how much you want to automate, but with this attached power point (meant to be used for teaching a class), we concentrated on the basics. This class is also good for those wanting to learn the basics of VBScript and batch files. All text in green is operational code that can be copied into notepad, saved as a .VBS or .BAT file and used to for testing.