C4Pinger adds WhatsUp Gold like functionality to your network diagram for about $14,000 less than Whats Up Gold. Since it's free, we call it the Cheap 4th-point-of-contact Pinger or C4Pinger.

Download NetworkFileCardV7 and C4Pinger

Since it is cheap, and Visio is somewhat limited in its functionality, there is a bit of work that goes along with getting this to work. I couldn't find away to link the VBA to the stencil and still have the C4PingSwitch execute the code, so the code has to be associated with the document its running on.

This will only work with NetworkFileCardV7 (and maybe one day above), but you are able to set the "pingability" status of each file card and the ping intervals. C4Pinger will identify the filecards that fail to respond to a ping by changing the color from white, to yellow, orange and then red (which means dead).

For those that want to view the code before the download, here it is: