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Dynamic Phone Directory PHP File

25 June 2018
This script will query a Callmanager for the line text and use the spaces within it to create a phone directory (XML based) structure for a Cisco IP Phone. For implementation and files, see DPD Implementation

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Dynamic Phone Directory Implementation

25 June 2018

Let me guess. Printed out and on your desk in the smallest font visible to man's naked eye is an excel spreadsheet with all the phone numbers of your unit listed. It's likely right next to a $500 Cisco Voice-over IP computer phone. To dial a number, you'll break out the bifocals and painstakingly use your finger to line up to the right number on the spreadsheet and punch it in manually on the phone fatfingering the dial pad 10% of the time. Sound familiar?

Wouldn't it be nice if that $500 computer phone could geterate an easily navigatable directory that was as up to date as the listings in the Call Manager? Well, thats exactly what we had in mind when developing the Dynamic Phone Directory (DPD)

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Jump that TOC with InstaDrop!

11 November 2017
InstaDrop Installed under a table

CAT5E is expensive. Our unit would go through several boxes during exercises or deployments just making 20-30ft long patch cables to support, most of which was only used during that mission only to be bundled up and taken to post recycling afterwards (cause we're environmentally friendly!). Not only monetarily is it expensive, but time wise, it was taxing. A well trained installer can terminate a CAT5 cable in about 4 minutes on average. To wire up 8 drops, it takes one installer working about an 45 minutes after taking into account running the cable properly.

Enter the InstaDrop system. This DIY project provides 8 drops of re-usable cable to a TOC, cuts that 45 minute installation time to about 5 and in the long run saves you green: green cable, green money and green environment (not that I'm a hippy or anything, blood does more to make the green grass grow).

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Visio- Network File Card Stencils

05 October 2017
Create Network Diagrams faster with less clutter!

Network File Card shapes:

  • Are Self Labeling
  • Change the icon when you change the type of device or server it is
  • Change their color when you change their classification
  • Collapse to an icon with a movable host name when you don't need to full file card
  • Link to external data (excel spreadsheets) to make filling in shape properties even easier!
  • NEW with V7!
    • Monitor connectivity with C4Pinger Plugin
    • fixed themes for Visio 2016
    • Added more device and server types

Download NetworkFileCardV7 and C4Pinger

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Search and Highlight Excel

28 August 2016

Situation: Change of Command Inventory.

Problem: It's all hands on deck getting equipment on the Commander's hand receipt lined up, in the hall way or out in the motor pool, in LIN order followed by NSN order along with all of it's BII. This is done in large part to minimize the time it takes for the Commander conducting the inventory to flip through the many printed out pages of his property book and find the item being inventoried. To save a few hours of his time, we spend a few days doing this work to prepare.

Solution: Wouldn't it be nice if we could just have that hand receipt on digits, scan a bar code, automagically search the document and highlight it? Well now you can! Introducing the Search And Highlight Excel (SAHE) xlsm document!

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