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Tactical Tech Power Supply Organizer

12 November 2012

Problem: When walking around the TOC, I noticed that the biggest danger to the TOC Jockeys was not an incoming mortar round, but it was all the laptop power supplies on the floor that caused people to trip and fall to their deaths. It also made it difficult for the privates to sweep up the floor. We needed a way to keep them and the power strips and supplies off of the floor.
Solution: We built just a simple power supply managment board with space for a power strip and bolted it to the edge of the desk they were working off of, and put the power supplies in the power supply pockets (*Note that pictured is a wall mount unit, but during the build, you can reverse it so the power strip is below the pockets and can create a desk mount unit) <

Tactical Tech Tool Box

12 November 2012

Problem: Once upon a time, I was building up a TOC. Our equipment just got on the ground and was stored outside in a connex. During this build, I found myself going outside to the connex more than I was working because our tools were spread out between about 6 different boxes. Being that it was dark and the tools were just loosely packaged with a bunch of other stuff, they were difficult to find.
Solution: Create a tool box from a pelican case that has easy to find tools and a well organized compartment for fasteners with everything needed to support the assembly of a TOC's network infrastructure.Download the Packing List

Army Budget Spreadsheet

12 November 2012

Excel.jpg Need a little help figuring out your financial situation? This excel spreadsheet is specifically built with the military paycheck (LES) in mind and is meant as a serve as a budget guide and aid in budget and savings planning.

Home and Family File Cabinet Labels

12 November 2012

Filecab.jpg Need to organize your paper work at home? Want a good start on making the labels for your file cabinets? Then you've come to the right place. Tactical Tech has already done most of the work for you, all you need are the labels (Avery 8167), a printer, some hanging folders, your filing cabinet and paper work and your all set!

How to setup Outlook for AKO's POP3 server:

12 November 2012

How to setup Outlook for AKO's POP3 server: Incoming Server: pop.us.army.mil Port: 995 (SSL)
Outgoing Server: mailrouter.us.army.mil Port 465 (SSL)

*You can still use smtp.us.army.mil as an outgoing server, BUT, it will keep popping up with that "Certificate cannot be verified" everytime you send. Reason being, the certificate is related to the "mailrouter" server on it, not smtp. Watch in Youtube