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Automated Inventory Management System

The Automated Inventory Management System is an Access Database that helps you manage your shops assets and the paperwork that goes along with it on the company supply/ shop level. It is capable of producing DA2062s, DD1750s, LPRs, paperwork needed for turning in equipment and laterally transfering it, paperwork for managing hard drives, and much more! More importantly, all information for the forms come from the same source, so no more redundant paper work (e.g. I signed out equipment, now I have to annotate it as a shortage, update my 1750, my equipment tracker, etc.). Make your job a little easier. Get out of the paper shuffle and back to concentrating on the mission.

An introduction to AIMS: Watch this video before you use the AIMS database. It gives you a good brief on things you need to know about how equipment and paperwork are managed within this database. Watch in Youtube

Getting Started with AIMS: A tutorial on how to enter information into a newly installed AIMS database. Covers DescripIDs, Categories, Packages, Boxes, DODAAC information, RICs and Contacts. Watch in Youtube

Basic Training: In this video, you will learn how to manage the manifest, generate a DD1750, a Sub-hand receipt (DA 2062), and create Local Purchase Requests. It will also cover picture book generation, receiving external equipment and issuing or destroying hard drives. Watch in Youtube

Advanced Training with AIMS: Learn to use the Master Manifest, sign out equipment using internal DA2062's by package and location, and laterally transfer or turn in (DRMO) equipment. Watch in Youtube

AIMS Beta 2 Features and Upgrade:

Download Links: This database is free for use by DOD personal. Due to the limitations of support, we at Tactical Tech feel it would be unjust to make this available for profit. However, use of this software implies that the user assumes all risk and liabilities that can potentially be associated with the software. It is suggested that you back up the database often and maintain the signed paperwork outside of the database in a filing cabinet in case of software failure.

Stand Alone Edition 3 (346MB)

Enterprise Edition 3 (452MB)

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