Create Network Diagrams faster with less clutter!

Network File Card shapes:

  • Are Self Labeling
  • Change the icon when you change the type of device or server it is
  • Change their color when you change their classification
  • Collapse to an icon with a movable host name when you don't need to full file card
  • Link to external data (excel spreadsheets) to make filling in shape properties even easier!
  • NEW with V7!
    • Monitor connectivity with C4Pinger Plugin
    • fixed themes for Visio 2016
    • Added more device and server types

Download NetworkFileCardV7 and C4Pinger

Dynamic Connectors are:

  • Also self labeling
  • Also change color with based on classification

Hyperlink Clouds:

  • Create hyperlinks to other pages in the visio document
  • yeah, thats about it!

This adds WhatsUp Gold like functionality to your network diagram. Since it's free, we call it the Cheap 4th-point-of-contact Pinger or C4Pinger. Its included in the download linked above.