Visio Stencils

Merry Christmas everyone! This Christmas, I give you the greatest gift of all! Free Visio stencils! These stencils are custom made for the Army IT guy and are primarily used in floor plans, site physical layouts, and I even have some stuff for rack diagrams. Take a look below, feel free to download and redistribute what you want.


Data Drops

Data-Drops_v1.vss: Map out where you have ports or where you want ports over a floor plan. All of these ports allow you to enter pertanent information about the ports (what rooms they are in, what patch panels they connect to) so you can generate an Excel document based off of the information. They even color coordinate with the classification and auto-label themselves IAW I3A specifications.

Cable Trays

CabTray_v1.jpg: A batch of generic cable trays to map out cable paths. These also color coordinate with classification, they allow you to define tray width, height, base elevation, and product information for order estimation. 

Classified_Devices_v1.vss: I use these stencils to map out where all of our classified devices are. If they process data, they to color coordinate with the classification. Most of them are pretty generic, minus the IP phone.

Door Locks



These can be used for security paper work, just a series of popular door locks to include Kaba PowerLevers, Simplex, x09, even hand scanners and generic proximity readers.

Radio Antennaes



These to scale antennaes are what i use to figure out where exactly to place radio antennaes on a tower before dragging all the antennas up to the tower. They can also be used on a document to keep track of what antennae relates to what radio net, however, those properties are not defined yet for these shapes. But, nothing is keeping you from defining them.

Site Shapes


Used for mapping out your camp site. Its important to know the building/tent numbers, who occupies the building/tent and where all the lines are running underground to the structures. This stencil includes T-walls, Alaskan tents, frame tents, GP Mediums and Larges, K-Spans, Sprungs, and a couple other features usually found on forward operating bases (FOBs).

Site Houses



Did you notice the icon for a site layout on Visio has houses? Well, Visio doesn't include those stencils for the houses. I spent a pretty long time searching for roof-top stencils for a project I was doing, never found any and had to make my own. 

TACLAN Components


Rack diagrams for TACLAN components. Includes Hardigg cases and UPSI 1500tr

Macaroni Tables

Misc Furniture

A modest collection of different types of desks and furniture, some custom made, some not.