toolbox UPDATE: I've overhauled the Installer tool box design. The peg board is still used (sort of) but its just there to hold the MOLLE panel. Giving credit where credit is due, the panel was made by Mark at He did a great job, had a good turn around for about $90, and did pretty well working with my seemingly bizarre specifications.

The pouches were purchased at an army surplus store and most of them were gutted and re-sewn by my wife to accommodate the type of tools each would carry. The first prototype tool box i built had problems with the parts container shelf breaking. It was made out of pegboard. this time around I used steel, haven't had a problem since. The toolbox as pictured currently has one overseas deployment and probably 15 major projects tallied up and has been a real asset on the job site, but getting it there is not for the faint of heart; it weighs about 115lbs when loaded up. While it does have wheels, most job sites are not wheel friendly, and just getting it off the truck (alone) can really take a toll on the back if the installer is not careful.

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